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Hello Ninjas
I’m not sure if you’re still accepting submissions today, but if you are, I would like to send you this photo of me and my boyfriend. I love our lazy mornings in bed together, when we wake up and just stay in bed making out and cuddling till lunchtime. I think this photo depicts in a very cute way our laziness and how much affection we have with each other. 
Next week is his birthday, he will take a small trip to Berlin and unfortunately we won’t be able to celebrate together, but I want him to see this submission and take it as a small birthday present, knowing how much I miss to spend my morning (and days and nights) with him.

What a great present, you chose the perfect moment to capture your passionate kiss. I am missing mornings like the one you described so bad, and I can’t wait to spend time with Trouble rolling around in our bed. I really like how nicely you’re resting your hand on his chest, and that you’re wearing a white tank top. Very sexy and beautiful, thanks so much for sharing. And I hope your boyfriend has a happy birthday and you both have a wonderful reunion when he gets back. 

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Edward Emerson Barnard, Milky Way Near Messier 11, (1892)
Photographed at the Lick Obsevatory, California on June 29,1892. Collection of the Swiss Federal Observatory.
Better alone than badly accompanied. Candace Bushnell (via angelreedy)